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What is All About Animals?

We all know the problem, vacation comes, what to do with our pets?!  For many this can be a stressful decision.  Do we put them in a strange kennel, with many unfamiliar scents and sounds?  What if they catch a disease?  Do we beg family members to take them into their homes, or ask the "girl next door" to run over a few times a day?  Will we worry the whole time we're on vacation?  What kind of vacation is that for you or your pets??

Well here's the answer.  All About Animals is an "in-home" pet sitting service.  We come to your home, where you pet feels safe and secure.  We'll come as many times as your pet requires, and play, feed, and love them like our own.  Whatever their needs are "AAA" will provide them.  "AAA" is bonded, insured, and reliable.  Now you can take your vacation worry free, knowing that your pet will be happy and relaxed when you get back.


This pet sitter is keeping us fed so well we'll definitely need a nap after this feast!

We will watch any pet, all you need to do is call to set up a convenient time for us to come by and meet you and your pets.  We can set up a schedule, and pick up a key.  Give us a  call at 215-431-9282 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or e mail at melissapea@verizon.net



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